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Our Values
Our Values
To be the Trustee of stakeholders' interest
Adherence to Business ethics
Respect for the individual
  • To be a responsible Corporate Citizen
About Meher

Headquartred in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India, since 1977, the MEHER Group’s businesses structure is organized with a dual focus, one being the “ENTERPRISE’” division & the other being the “ASSET MANAGEMENT” division. The Group, through the MEHER Care Foundation, assists the less privileged in several ways, the primary focus being Education & Healthcare.

The “ENTERPRISE” Division focuses on the Electro‐technical Sector.

  • Its offerings include Passive Components, Reactors, Thin Film Dielectrics and dynamic braking systems. It serves customers in Industry & Commercial sectors, Power Utilities Infrastructure, Indian Railways & the Defense Sector. This division has four manufacturing units in the Bangalore area and continues to undergo rapid expansion in its activities.
  • Its brands, “MEHER”, “INDFARAD”, “MKS” & “KAPTRON” are well recognized & respected.
  • This division is also strongly pursuing development initiatives in the domains of Solar Energy, Energy Storage & Hybrid transportation.

The “ASSET MANAGEMENT” division focuses on deployment of investments that ensure value amplification in areas of interest to the MEHER Group.

The MEHER Group believes that people are its prime asset. A key attribute of the Group is a value system based on sound ethics, equal opportunity, dignity & respect for all, combined with a focused approach to ensuring comprehensive growth of all team members, while making their occupation enjoyable & professionally satisfying.

The MEHER Care Foundation’s activities are based on the underlying commitment that assisting the less privileged is a duty of the Group. Various initiatives involving direct financial assistance, facilitation & counseling are in continuous implementation, with a primary focus on education & health care.

MEHER has a demonstrated track record of creating & multiplying shareholder value. Going forward, MEHER shall leverage its unique blend of talented people, capabilities & resources to further amplify value.

MEHER is committed to aggressive growth while respecting the principles of surplus value creation & environmental sustainability.