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Our Values
Our Values
To be the Trustee of stakeholders' interest
Adherence to Business ethics
Respect for the individual
  • To be a responsible Corporate Citizen
Welcome to Meher

The Indian growth story during the last decade has come to be recognized as a model of inspiration in the emerging economies of the World. Events of the immediate past have clearly demonstrated the resilience of Indian technocrats and managers in the face of problems generated by global economic turbulence. There is no denying that India is well on its way to becoming one of the leading economies in the World.

However, the challenges of the future are many. The nation has to cope with the problems of an expanding population base with enhanced purchasing power on the one hand and the geo-political realities of the world on the other. Added to these are the concerns arising from climate change. These realities throw up unique opportunities for innovative management and value creation in all aspects of the Indian economy, especially Energy Domain.

It is in this context that the MEHER Group sees itself being in a privileged position in the selected areas of Energy Management. Success has been built upon the principles of corporate integrity, nurturing of talent, development and assimilation of advanced technologies and unyielding commitment to create value for stakeholders.

The Group recognizes that business goals and success therein are not the sole benchmarks of company performance. Societal responsibility and assisting the less privileged has, for long, been a major concern of MEHER. A dedicated organization drives these objectives.