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Our Values
Our Values
To be the Trustee of stakeholders' interest
Adherence to Business ethics
Respect for the individual
  • To be a responsible Corporate Citizen
Indfarad Technologies Pvt Ltd.

INDFARAD Technologies, dealing with passive components, offers a proven range of aesthetically designed, reliable medium-voltage air-core reactors for application in reactive power compensation.

Reactors have a very wide spectrum of applications, from power system stabilization at the high end to motor starting at the basic level, as well as in power electronic equipment.

However, the most common applications are for limiting switching current surges in capacitor circuits and for protecting capacitors from the harmful effects of harmonics in electrical networks. For such applications the reactor values range between 0.2 % and 6 %, calculated as the ratio of inductive impedance (Xl) to capacitive impedance (Xc) at the nominal system frequency of 50 Hz.

In certain cases of special application such as captive-generation-fed networks or systems with large single phase loads (railway traction) it may be necessary to use tuning factors other than those above. INDFARAD will custom-design reactors in such cases.

The company is also in the process of launching new Power Inductor products in the domain of passive components.

INDFARAD’s experience in the design and production of reactors dates back to 2002 when iron-cored reactors were developed for LV applications.

MEHER’s deep involvement in the field of MV and HV power systems gave a natural impetus to the in-house development of air-cored reactors by INDFARAD. Several deliveries made over the years have stood the test of time, thanks to the exacting demands of discerning users.

The Product

The present range of INDFARAD reactors covers 3.3, 6.6, 11 and 33kV reactors. Windings are made of high electrical grade aluminium or copper to suit the application.

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