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Our Values
Our Values
To be the Trustee of stakeholders' interest
Adherence to Business ethics
Respect for the individual
  • To be a responsible Corporate Citizen
Sustainability Policy

We believe that a balance in economic, social and environmental objectives, permeating through everyday conduct of business, is the key to our business success.

MEHER recognizes the greater responsibility of the the Organization to its stakeholders and the community at large, without which business cannot grow. The Sustainability Policy has to reflect in every-day activities of the Companies of the Group. Some of the typical issues addressed are stated below.

  • Eco-friendly production processes to prevent or minimise the generation of harmful by-products, effluents and emissions.
  • Safe disposal of any unavoidable hazardous waste resulting from production processes.
  • Occupational safety and health concerns of staff engaged in production.
  • Design of products with focus on total safety and fitness for use in specified conditions.
  • Reconciling seemingly contradictory considerations like Safety vs. Price, Capital investment vs. Distribution of Profits, In-house production vs. Outsourcing, apportioning investible resources between long-term goals and immediate goals, to name a few.
  • Creation of work environment to nurture the creative potential of every member of the team.
  • Assisting in the fulfilment of stated and perceived needs of the communities in the neighbourhood.

The effectiveness of the Sustainability Policy is measured by the qualitative or quantitative outcome of each activity.