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Our Values
Our Values
To be the Trustee of stakeholders' interest
Adherence to Business ethics
Respect for the individual
  • To be a responsible Corporate Citizen
Meher Vision

Contribute to the National objective of optimizing and sustaining the assimilation and deployment of energy.


MEHER is in a privileged position to serve the Nation through R & D and innovations in the development of materials, components and services for the efficient utilisation of our country’s energy resources. Global concerns for the protection of Planet Earth, fast depletion of fossil fuels and the demand for energy fueled by the upwardly-mobile, expanding population of our Nation form the backdrop of our present and emerging markets.

MEHER believes that the challenges of the future can be met only by a team that is nurtured in an environment of trust, empowerment and quest for discovery and opportunity for personal growth.

All activities of MEHER shall aim at value creation for their stakeholders.

Meher Mission

To grow business value through wealth creation.


The Mission statement supports the Vision of the MEHER Group by defining the broad immediate objectives of the Organization.
Businesses are characterised by the value they bring to the sector in which they operate. MEHER is committed to providing optimal solutions for the capture, storage and utilization of electrical energy through innovation and development of technology. To be recognised as a top value provider in its chosen areas of operation is a priority of MEHER.

In the Indian context, creation of employment opportunities is a major national imperative. As an Organization on a fast track of growth, MEHER is well placed to support this goal. It shall be the endeavour of MEHER to be recognised as a model employer, with high emphasis on learning, motivation and respect for the traditional values of our culture.

Successful Organizations are distinguished by their resolve to address pressing socio-economic issues in their geographical areas of operation, apart from being leaders in business in their chosen field. Business can thrive only when it supports the aspirations of the community for opportunities in advancement in life. MEHER is committed to playing a useful role in providing society with support in the fields of education and healthcare.